In July 2018 the President of Russia set a challenge for the transition to the Capital Construction Facility Life Cycle Management System by introduction of Information Modelling Technologies (Instruction of the RF President dtd. 19.07.2018 No. Пр-1235 "Concerning the Modernization of Construction Engineering Sector and Improvement of Construction Quality"). "Digital Construction" Federal Project is aimed to attaining this goal.

By the decision of the Commission for Information Technologies Realization and Adoption under the RF Ministry of Construction a Group of Experts was established that would deal with promotion of BIM Technologies. OOO GSE-Giprokauchuk General Director Denis V. Sinitsyn joined this Group. On January 29, 2019 he participated in the Group of Experts First Open Session. The Session was devoted to the review of the draft document ‘The Concepts of Capital Construction Facility Life Cycle Management System Adoption with the Use of Information Modelling’ as well as Civil Information Classification Practices. Dmitry Volkov the Deputy Minister of the RF Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities took part in the discussions.

The Commission members take an active part in the discussion of statutory and regulatory documents developed by the Ministry.

"Following the discussions, a list of the relevant supplements to the statutory and regulatory framework will be produced"
emphasized Deputy Minister Dmitry Volkov.
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