Engineering Surveys and Land Planning


OOO "GSE-Giprokauchuk" performs engineering surveys for linear and site facilities constructed in vast territories from Polar to South regions. All types of works for the whole range of engineering surveys and land planning are carried out in strict conformance with the requirements of the RF state standards. Engineering surveys can be carried out both as the integrated surveys and by individual types of surveys, inclusive of:

  • Geodetic Engineering Surveys
  • Geological Engineering Surveys
  • Hydrometeorological Engineering Surveys
  • Ecological Engineering Surveys

OOO "GSE-Giprokauchuk" has in its possession the state-of-art equipment of world leading Companies (Nikon, Trimble, Ridgid) and necessary software for geodetic data processing (CREDO, TrimbleBusinessCentre, GeoSeries).

Soil Laboratory includes the required set of up-to-date equipment and instruments for determination of soil physical and chemical properties and chemical composition of water and soil water extract.

Land Planning

As for land planning activities, OOO "GSE-Giprokauchuk" solves various tasks beginning with getting the servitude for provision of engineering surveys and study of soil composition till implementation of legal and social activities.